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Side Saddle Habits, Jackets, Aprons, etc

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“Equestrian Correct Riding Apparel” (made in England) - $650.

Medium-weight navy blue wool habit. Excellent Condition. Has Rapahannock Hunt (VA) buttons and colors on the jacket. Came in with a few animal hairs, they will all be lint-rolled off.

Jacket: 30-32” bust; 28-29” waist; 27” back; 14.5” shoulders; 22.25” sleeves;

Apron: 32.5” waist (buttons at 31.5”); 30” waist to hem; 17.75” waist to knee; 21” knee to hem; 7.5” wraparound

Bernard Weatherill (England) Khaki/Tan Wool Side Saddle Habit.

Made for Mrs. Robert C. (Viola) Winmill, MFH-Warrenton Hunt (VA) - $950

A simply stunning habit! Excellent overall condition. It has small small holes in the jacket on the underside of the sleeve and near the seam, as well as a small hole on the apron. All 3 can be easily repaired by a quality seamstress. There is a also a very small stain on the apron that should come out with a dry cleaning.

Jacket: 34-36” bust; 30-32” waist; 15.5” shoulders; 26.75” back; 22” sleeves

Apron: 30.75” waist (buttons at 29”); 28.25” waist to hem; 17.5” waist to knee; 22” knee to hem; 10” wraparound.