Seat Length - Each saddle is measured for length both from the front of the upright pommel to cantle (US method), and the cutback to cantle (UK method), so it will look like this --> 21.5"/17.5". You should have 3-4 fingers width behind you in a saddle. A shorter thigh will take a 19-20.5"/15-16.5" saddle;  an average length thigh will take a 21-22"/17-18" saddle; a long/full thigh will take a 22.5-24"/18-19.5" saddle. You can usually ride in a saddle that is slightly long, but you should never ride in a saddle that is too short for you.

Seat Width - This is taken at the widest point (on average, a girl's saddle is 10-11", a petite lady is a 12-12.5", an average-sized lady is 13-13.5", and a fuller-sized lady takes a 14-15" width).

Horse Fit - Gullet (tree) width from front d-ring to d-ring, and the width of the points (shoulder width).

Please check your leg length and your horse's measurements against those given to have a general idea if a specific saddle will work for you. If you have a withers tracing, please send it to us, as this will allow us to more accurately check the saddle against your horse's shape for fit.

TRIAL POLICY - Our standard trial is 3 days from date of delivery, unless a consignor has specified otherwise or other arrangements have been made. All saddles must be paid for in full prior to the trial, and a trial agreement signed. Please contact us if you are interested in a trial on a saddle.

PAYMENT - We accept cash, check, and credit cards through PayPal (3% fee applies).  See the consignment page for other information.

SHIPPING - We are happy to ship to your location, worldwide! Local pickup is also available

Side Saddles For Sale

Owen, 20.25"/16" x 13". Gorgeous Owen, in excellent show condition. Features wide pommels, doeskin seat and pommels, and new front d's. It has a hard to find WIDE tree, with 9" between the d's and 17" between the points - this saddles fits the challenging flat withered ponies, cobs, and horses. Price is firm. $3,850. Off market - Currently being leased.


Hermes side saddle, 23"/18" x 14". Stunning and rare Hermes side saddle. All leather, wide pommels, exquisite condition, C&W breakaway, generous medium tree. No fittings. $4,500


Mayhew-style side saddle 21.5"/17.25" x 13.5". Mayhew-style side saddle, no stamp other than "England." 1900s era. Single position leaping head, all leather, wide pommels, mostly serge panels. Panels are mouse-chewn, so would recommend replacing them. Medium tree. Leather a bit worn on upper pommel. Needs point pocket repair. No fittings. $950.


Champion & Wilton side saddle 21.5"/17.25" x 13.5". All leather, narrow pommels, 2 position leaping head. Medium+ tree. Topside leather is decent, but quite dry underneath. Panels are detaching at front. A good saddle for a rebuild! (Estimated rebuild cost $1200) Please note, this is not safe to ride on in its present condition due to the condition of the straps, billets, & panels. No fittings. $650


Mayhew side saddle, 21"/17" x 13". Medium-wide doeskin pommels, leather seat, outside girthing, linen bottom. In lightly-used condition, with only some minor stitching work needed on the offside panel (which will be repaired prior to sale). Complete with original Mayhew fitting, stirrup, and iron. $3,200 - SOLD to Ireland


Mayhew side saddle, 21.5"/18" x 13". This lovely all-leather saddle features wide pommels, a newer seat, and a is in overall lovely condition. It is 8.5" between the d-rings, and 16.5" between the points, so a medium-wide tree. $2,500. SOLD


Owen side saddle, 19.5"/15" x 12". This show condition saddle is exquisite. It has doeskin pommels and seat, is outside girthing, andhas a linen bottom. It is 9.5" between the d-rings, and 17" between the points, so a medium-wide to wide tree. $3,450. SOLD


Champion & Wilton side saddle, 21"/16.75" x 12.5". This all-leather saddle is in very good overall condition. It is 9" between the d-rings and 17" between the points, so a medium-wide tree. It is outside girthing, and has a linen bottom. It needs some slight repairs to the serge where a mouse chewed on it, but it is a minor fix. There are a few cosmetic dings on the seat, and two holes and a mark where a previous owner had a nameplate. $2,000.


Champion & Wilton side saddle, 20.5"/16" x 12.5". This lovely little saddle has a doeskin seat, wide leather pommels, and a serge bottom. Overall it is in very good condition. It is 9.5" between the d-rings and 17" between the points, so a MW to wide tree. $2,250.


Martin & Martin side saddle. 22.5"/18" x 14". This all-leather saddle is in overall very good condition, with only a few cosmetic dings, and needs only a new off-side front d-ring. It has a roller-bar take up, and newer billets and panels. It has a long, high-set leaping head to accommodate a fuller thigh. It is 8" between the d-rings and 16" between the points, so a medium tree. Comes complete with balance girth. $1,400. SOLD


Mayhew side saddle, 23.5"/19" x 13". This saddle is sold AS-IS, and needs the majority of the upper leather replaced. The billets, however, were replaced, and the panels are in decent condition. The pommels are set for a full-figure. It measures 8.5" between the d-rings and 17" between the points, so a medium-wide tree. This is a hard-to-find old-name English made large saddle ready for a rebuild! $500 SOLD


Martin & Martin side saddle, 21"/17" x 13". This all-leather workhorse of a saddle is in overall good condition, with only cosmetic issues. It has been a lesson saddle, and is now ready for its new owner - perfect as a starter saddle! It is 8" between the d-rings and 17" between the points, so a medium tree. It has newer billets, and comes with a balance girth. This M&M does not have the offside spring arm, so features an overgirth. $1,350. SOLD


Champion & Wilton side saddle, 21.5"/17" x 13". This all-leather saddle is ready to go! It has been well-used, but has many more years left in it. It has had a small repair to the front of the offside seat at the cutaway and the cantle. It has two small holes in the seat (cosmetic only), and needs a new offside front d-ring and back d-ring. It does have a tight curve to the leaping head, but that can be bent out by a farrier. It is 8" between the d-rings and 15" between the points, so a firm medium tree for a narrower horse. Comes complete with a balance girth and stirrup and fitting. $1,650.


Mayhew side saddle, 23"/19" x 14". This saddle has a doeskin seat, broad pommels, leather bottom, and comes with a stirrup, leather, breakaway fitting, and 2 original web girths. The offside overgirth strap has been replaced, as has the hook elastic. It measures 8.5" between the d-rings and 17" between the points, so a medium-wide tree. While the safe and offside are in decent condition, the underside and panels are very dry. It needs new billets, balance strap, and panels. $750. SOLD


Martin & Martin side saddle, 20"/15.5" x 12.5". This petite saddle is simply lovely! It has a new leather overgirth and balance strap. It is ready to step in the show ring after a few very minor repairs to the stitching on the padded safe (see picture) and a new offside front d-ring. It comes complete with a balance girth, leather, and stirrup. It is 8" between the d-rings and 16" between the points, so a medium tree. $1,200. SOLD

Side Saddle Attire For Sale

Richards & Son Vintage Habit

Stunning habit with a 2=button diagonal front. The color is Oxford Gray/Black (I had to keep looking at this to determine color, it is a VERY deep oxford gray)Very good. It has been used in the rated side saddle division, with multiple wins at the top shows in the under saddle class. It had a patch put on the middle back of the collar (not noticeable when worn) and a few moth holes in the upper back/shoulder area of jacket. $750


  • Jacket: bust 35" (so fits a 32-33"); waist 30"; sleeves 21.5"; back length 16.5"
  • Apron: waist 32.5"; buttons currently set at 28.5"; left length 21.75"; knee 17"; knee to right toe 17.25"; bum wrap 10.5"

English-made Tweed Habit with Velvet Accents - SOLD

This habit is stunning! The jacket is a medium weight with teal satin lining, and the apron is very heavily lined and weighted. It has a gorgeous navy velvet collar, cuffs, and pocket accents. Comes with a matching navy front-only waistcoat. Used only a few times, as its owner moved to Florida and it is too heavy for the heat during autumn hunting. $650


  • Jacket: Bust 38" (so fits a 35-36"); waist 30"; sleeves 26"; back length 25"
  • Apron: waist 33.5" (buttons currently set at 30.5"); left side length 26.5"; waist to knee 15"; knee to right toe 26"; bum wrap 11.5"

Vintage Navy Habit, Exquisite Condition. - SOLD

Approx sz 8 US. Stunning, show condition, vintage English side saddle habit. Dark navy cavalry twill. The maker's tag was removed when the jacket was relined, but appears to be a Bernard Weatherill. No wear anywhere. Jacket is single-button, slanted front, double vented back, notched collar. Apron has a pocket. $875.

Measurements (taken from outside, so your actual measurements should be slightly smaller):
Jacket - bust 38"; waist 35"; back length 28"; sleeves 23" (remember, measurements are from the outside, so it fits a measured 36" bust)
Apron - waist 30"/buttons currently set at 28"; knee 16"; length 27.5" (but has a deep 4" hem, so it can be lengthened to 30") wraparound length 10.25".

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