Availability of Hirelings

We occasionally offer hirelings to experienced riders who plan to attend those hunts that we will be at (typically Piedmont Foxhounds, Middleburg Hunt, or Snickersville Hounds). We typically go out on Saturdays, and weekdays are by arrangement depending on our work schedule.

types of horses

We have some horses that hire out as only first field horses, some that are only second field horses, and some that can go in either field. They are typically thoroughbreds or warmbloods. Heights range from 16 hh to 17.2 hh, and lightweight to heavyweight. All go astride and aside.



Please contact Devon to see if we have a hireling suitable for you to go out on the day you wish. Your horse will arrive at the meet clean and tacked up. Once all paperwork is complete, you will be helped to mount, and then you are off. Devon or George will be in the field, so please let them know if there are any issues. Once back at the meet, you should help load up your horse, but otherwise you have no further responsibilities.


Hirelings are $225/horse for each hunt day to go out with a hunt that Devon and/or George are going out with on that day. If you wish to go out with a different hunt, you will also be responsible for paying a cap fee for Devon or George and mileage at $1.25/loaded mile for distances greater than 15 miles from CBF.